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Interview with Domenico Cutullè : Italian Inventor and Designer of the 2 in 1 Pizza and Cutter Serve

Aggiornamento: 18 lug 2019

Hello Pozie South Africa

I am very honored to know that there are people in the world who appreciate my work and my inventions. More generally, creativity and Italian design which I am sure  are second to none.I currently have 5 patents and about 50 inventions, but as you may know, in Italy it is very difficult to develop innovative products and often to succeed.For this you have to go abroad !!! The story has not changed much from Meucci to Marconi and to say that in (almost) all inventions or discoveries in the world there is (almost) always an Italian or someone of Italian descent in them. Despite these difficulties I love my country and I’m proud of the history and  knowledge which I contribute in my small way to make a difference. Gladly I will  answer your questions.

Pozie South Africa: When did you start your career as an inventor?


From an early age I have always been curious and a keen observer, but only a particular day when I was on the farm, in the workshop, I became aware of my qualities.I suddenly solved a problem posed by a worker unexpectedly.

Pozie South Africa:What inspired you to create the 2 in 1  pizza cutter and server?


The idea came to me watching my wife’s intent to cut slices of pizza with a common wheel designed for the purpose to carry or scoop the toppings in tact. My wife was desperately trying a scoop to serve the slices on plates. In my mind I had the flash of a common tool widely used in cooking, ie the  spaghetti Tongs.I said to myself Eureka! Just add a wheel on one of the arms so that, in addition to cut, it also acts as a scoop.

From prototypes soon sprung the stainless steel finished products that are appearing all over the world: ROTOPINZA is an object of refined design that has a wheel in food scratch-resistant nylon while Pizzotto is a compact tool and the disarming simplicity that I see even as the exclusive gadgets .In fact, the takeaway pizza should not be cut in store on the cardboard box  as this tends to dry out the pizza and also because the cartons release of chemicals is harmful to the health when in contact with ingredients. 

3) What great inventions can we expect from you?


My first invention, patented, was the folding shopping trolley called Trolley-matic, perhaps too early too contemporary .The second, also patented, was a revolutionary mini umbrella with special features.In fact, like all ideas, even the umbrella drip came from the need to solve a real problem.Although they may appear trivial, it was very annoying for users of umbrellas.The folding ones by far the most used,when closed after a Storm, no one knew how to overcome the difficulties caused by the dripping from the umbrella or the concern of theft. Particularly when you enter a shop it is really embarrassing to carry a dripping umbrella or a place to drip dry the umbrella. Worse, trying to close it when you want  to get in the car. 

Again the solution was offered by nature over millions of years of evolution, now I almost perfected the mechanisms.I thoroughly studied the structure and came up with a concept  of a common folding umbrella in which I came up with a containment cylinder.The same outer casing,in the process of mold, can be shaped according to the customer’s design. The product was named CILINDROTTO !!

Other inventions I have Selfeasy for smartphones, Ecocarwash to wash the car, pillow bag with solar parasol to the sea, always photovoltaic umbrella to the beach and many more ….

Thank you for the opportunity

Warm Regards


You can see Domenico who appeared in Tv Rai2 which is a popular Tv Station in Italy where he presents Eco Carwash and Rotopinza which is the 2 in 1 Pizza Cutter and Server.

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